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Yulia Filippova

Exposition : Yulia Filippova

Culture, Exposition, Sculpture à Sainte-Maxime
  • Le Parc des Myrtes accueille dans son écrin de verdure, l’exposition de sculptures monumentales réalisées par Yulia Filippova.

  • The artist alternates between fragility and strength whilst utilizing blown glass and steel, subtly and with femininity portraying how she sees resilience and life's endless cycle. Yulia Filippova makes translucent, multicolored pieces that joyously interact with the sunlight from the south. The thrill of soap or champagne bubbles that float and conjure up notions of distorted reality, beauty, and freedom is expressed using an original and distinctive style.
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    • Français
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  • Gratuit
  • Du 14 septembre 2023 au 31 décembre 2023
    Ouvert Tous les jours
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