E-FoilVoler au-dessus de l'eau en E-Foil

Fly over the water with the electric foil!

Sometimes called an e-foil, the electric foil is a new sport, which recently appeared on the Côte d’Azur. This electric surfboard “flies” over the water thanks to a profiled wing that is called a “foil”.  Adrenaline, a new sensation and a feeling of freedom, plus the pleasure of navigating in complete silence: the electric foil is made to please!


Whether you’re already a board sports enthusiast or a complete beginner in the discipline, you are bound to find what you’re looking for in the electric foil. The only pre-requisite for this activity is knowing how to swim.

A remote control in your hand: this will allow you to adjust the power of the electric motor, and thus to choose the speed at which you feel happy. That’s what is great about the electric foil: you learn at your own pace! You are the only master on board.

From the boat, the instructor will give you new exercises and coach you at all times. In following their advice, you will be able to take your first flights by the end of the session.


Learning the electric foil is done step by step, and it’s really important to take your time in order to take it all in.

In the beginning, your instructor will explain how to navigate prone. Laying on your surfboard, you will learn to adjust the motor power, but also to find your point of balance.

The second step is, I believe, the funniest: you will move to kneeling. In this position, you can already pick up speed and take your first flights!

Once at ease, all you have to do is stand up. It’s all about point of balance: once you have grasped where to position your feet and how to adjust the power of the electric motor, you will take your first flights!


Departing from Théoule port, you will learn not far from the famous Aiguille cove, known for its red cliffs typical of the Esterel mountain range and its grotto. The water here is always a magnificent turquoise blue.

On the other side, the sublime Château de Mandelieu, and further on, the bay of Cannes.

Look up, out to sea, and you can admire the famous Lérins islands, the “jewels” of Cannes.

So, you’ve got it: the electric foil is also an unusual way of discovering the region! Here, the sport is practiced in an exceptional setting, on which you can feast your eyes.

If you feel at ease, you can even go off on an electric foil trip with friends. What a joy to be able to go out to sea in complete silence!

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