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Loïc Bruni, a mountain bike champion made in the Côte d'Azur!

With the full weight of his 27 years, the young man from Nice and 5 times world downhill mountain bike champion is reaching the peaks of his discipline. Constantly freewheeling around the world, this enthusiast still considers the Côte d’Azur a sportsground conducive to mountain biking. Discover his trails, his favourite mountain biking spots on the Côte d’Azur and his tips for properly preparing for your descent.


“My father was also a mountain biker, and I used to go to all the races with him. I made a lot of friends in the Cagnes-sur-Mer club, for which, fittingly, my father was the chair.

The club won French cups time after time, while maintaining a simple spirit.

We all achieved a good level.

As for me, going even further, I was noticed by a French team, Lapierre.

I rode as a junior at the age of 16, when I was still in school.

They helped me to grow up, to learn English… Then I got a taste for international competition. Since then, I’ve won 5 world championship titles and 1 overall world cup.

I recently won the 2021 Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup.”


“I love riding in Mandelieu, when you climb along the side of the Tanneron mountain range that runs along the Estérel…

It’s really suitable for our activity, and practical because you can climb up on the road, but beyond that the route is extremely cool with a wonderful, if vertigo-inducing, view over Cannesand the Lérins islands.

Fittingly, the Red Bull Campo 2021 took place in Mandelieuat the beginning of October!

Otherwise the bike park on Isola 2000 is fantastic.

The staff are solid and do their bit to offer a perfectly maintained ground; it’s a real pleasure to ride under these conditions and with incredibly well-thought-out trails, good jumps… I have a great deal of fun up there!”


“My only tip is to strengthen your muscles.

I see too many riders holding their bike too lightly.

You really need to do a lot of physical exercise with body weight, core strength, abs, etc.

Build mass and above all learn body maintenance in order to hold the bike firmly and improve your control.

Cardio is also very important, which is why I do a lot of road riding, which is intense and without shocks. Afterwards, on the racetracks, there is always the mental aspect to consider, because anything can happen during a race.

You must never let your guard down!”

Loic Bruni, World Downhill Mountain Bike Champion

French Cup: Experience a downhill mountain bike run in Valberg while holding the wheel of Loïc Bruni
Vivez une descente en VTT dans la roue de Loïc Bruni à Valberg
Vivez une descente en VTT dans la roue de Loïc Bruni à Valberg
Vivez une descente en VTT dans la roue de Loïc Bruni à Valberg