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Electric bikes: fresh air in Valberg!

Electric bikes arrive in the mountains. 1½ hours from Nice, the Valberg resort invites you to discover this innovative sport. My advice: book ahead, this activity is often the victim of its own success!

Valberg: four marked mountain bike trails and tracks await you!

The Valberg resort has four marked trails: green, blue, red and black. Remember to ask for a map in the hire shop or in the Tourist Office. At each intersection you will also find a sign indicating the route to follow. Don’t get distracted by the marmots!

My favourite? The blue route with its breathtaking view of the red Cians gorges.

With an electric bike…

…everyone finds what they are looking for!

With each pedal stroke, the electric bike motor starts and helps you go faster. The rider also chooses how much extra power is supplied: pedalling enthusiasts will choose the « Eco » mode, which requires more effort than the « Sport » mode. Thus, two people of different levels can now ride and let off steam together. And if, like me, you are too tired to cross a mountain pass, the « Turbo » mode will allow you to climb at 25km / h. Heady stuff!

Electric bikes:

an original way of discovering the mountains!

The battery has a range of more than 40 kilometres: so there is no shortage of possible outings! Do what I do and remember to pack the charger in your backpack so you can enjoy a well-deserved break at the restaurant while you recharge the batteries. Then it’s off again! In short an electric bike makes the mountains more accessible, means you can ride for longer and explore unspoilt landscapes.

Plan your outing, check the mountain bike itineraries around Valberg!




By Isabelle FABRE

Who hasn’t dreamed of changing lives one day and earning a living doing something you love? Two years ago, I left my job as an engineer to become a photographer, videographer and digital nomad. Living in Nice, I fell under the spell of the Côte d’Azur. This region has made me what I am today: a fulfilled sportsperson that loves and respects nature. I share the beauty of this area and its many sporting possibilities and show you the things that made me fall in love with it!