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Cap 3000, shopping with a sea view!

Located opposite Nice Airport, for the last fifty years Cap 3000 has been welcoming the Côte d’Azur for a XXL size shopping experience. Inaugurated in 1969, Cap 3000 has always been at the forefront of fashion and shopping trends. Thanks to its recent expansion and 300 shops, Cap 3000 is now the first ever shopping and leisure centre to offer a spectacular view of the coast and direct access to the sea.

Cap 3000: mythical shopping centre on the Côte d’Azur!

Some history…

The story goes that while contemplating the landscape out of the porthole of the plane taking him to Nice Jean Demogé, owner of Nouvelles Galeries, had the idea of building a big shopping centre of the kind that at the time only existed in the USA. From the air he spotted a vast swampy area of land, close to the Cote d’Azur’s main roads. He made his dream a reality on 21 October 1969 by opening the first shopping centre in France in Saint-Laurent-du-Var – and because it then offered 3000 parking spaces, it was named Cap… 3000!

Cap 3000, the shopping city!

Did you know?

In the early days, Cap 3000 had 50 shops grouped around the Nouvelles Galeries store and a swimming pool on the roof, with a glass bottom so that visitors could see the swimmers. Now gone, Galeries Lafayette have succeeded their competitor and the other businesses have multiplied: today there are nearly 200 shops. With many of the world’s leading brands (Apple Store, Victoria’s Secret, Zara, IKKS, Nespresso, Lego, Etam, Sephora, Desigual, Starbucks, etc.) represented, they cover a wide range of activities. You can even have lunch overlooking the sea!

The new face of Cap 3000!

For its 50th anniversary Cap 3000 has started a new chapter in its history!

As its 50th year approaches, Cap 3000, which continues to be one of the most dynamic shopping centres in the country with nearly ten million visitors a year, is undergoing a major facelift. It is changing pace, moving towards a seductive futurism, all curves and transparency, and is doubling its surface area: in 2019, when the work finishes, it will offer 4800 covered parking spaces and 300 shops headed by the ever present Galeries Lafayette, favourite hunting ground of all elegant people and shopping addicts.