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The longest zip line in France is in La Colmiane!

Have you always dreamed of flying? Go to La Colmiane and whizz through the air at almost 120 km/h! The longest zip line in France, and also one of the longest in Europe, awaits in La Colmiane. Enjoy its direct view over the incredible Mercantour national park.

I tested the La Colmiane zip line!

Avec ses 2663 mètres de câble, la tyrolienne de La Colmiane est aujourd’hui la plus grande de France !

You can descend alone or as a duo to share the sensations! Children are admitted from the age of 8 with the duo formula. First, you’ll have to go on the scales to calculate the size of your « parachute », a kind of sail used as a brake to slow the speed of the descent. You will then be equipped with a harness and a pair of safety glasses. My advice? Consider taking your own glasses: you’ll look much classier on your photos!

Discover the sensations of a long, breathtaking flight!

The first few seconds are surprising: you see yourself going into a void at full speed: thrills and adrenaline guaranteed! Below, the trees go past at top speed! The Colmiane zip line allows you to reach a speed of 120km/h! And then slowly, you get used to this feeling of flying, and you contemplate the landscape: below, small turquoise mountain lakes. In the distance, the majestic alpine peaks of the Mercantour national park. And in the end you’ll wish it lasted a little longer.

Dream of flying? Your turn!

Allow €35 for this activity – available in summer and winter. Online booking is mandatory. This activity is often a victim of its own success so remember to book early. You can choose and block your time slot directly. Choose a descent in the morning to enjoy a clear sky.
Still got some energy left? Good! The La Colmiane resort offers a host of activities in summer: trampoline, summer toboggan, via ferrata, paragliding, mountain biking! Something to keep you busy for the day, and more.

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