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We tested inflatable kayaking in the Roya!

An hour from Nice, the village of Breil-sur-Roya marks the entrance to the Vallée de la Roya and the Parc du Mercantour. A paradise for sports lovers and thrill seekers, you’ll love its green mountains – renowned for mountain biking – as well as the many opportunities for white water sports. Welcome to the Roya valley: a paradise for canyoning, rafting and inflatable kayaking!

I tested inflatable kayaking in the Roya valley with Roya Evasion!

In terms of equipment, you don’t need much for inflatable kayaking: a wetsuit, helmet and vest will be provided by Roya Evasion. Just bring a swimsuit and trainers.
And as for your mount, you can choose between a more manageable single person inflatable kayak or a two person inflatable kayak and share the sensations on the descent. These inflatable kayaks – also called hotdogs – are very comfortable, unsinkable and equipped with a self-bailing system.

It’s off for a 2-hour aquatic rodeo in the Roya!

After listening carefully to the safety instructions, we left for a two-hour aquatic rodeo! You’ll need to be good at paddling to tackle the rapids. One mistake and the kayak shoots off in the wrong direction, even backwards! Fortunately, with a little experience, you quickly learn how to zigzag between the rocks. If the kayak overturns don’t panic! Just let yourself be carried by the water, feet first. You’ll soon find a quieter place where you can climb back into the kayak.

A fun descent for young and old alike!

Who’ll be able to stay on their kayak the longest?
Who’ll win the race between the next two bridges?
Do you know how to surf a wave? The instructor will stop regularly to suggest little games. The descent is great fun. An entire family can share this « Roya Cool » experience. Young and old will love this 6 km descent. Thrill seekers should choose the « Haute Roya » experience, which for adults only.

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The Roya: an unspoilt natural setting!

The Roya is an amazing azure blue. The temperature of the water is pleasant. You’ll want to throw yourself out of your kayak to enjoy a quick swim in the crystal clear water. If you look around you, you’ll even see some trout. Enjoy this natural unspoilt environment. If you want an even closer experience with nature, let yourself be tempted by Maglia canyoning. This canyon is the gold standard on the Côte d’Azur. You’ll just love the emerald pools!

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By Isabelle FABRE

Who hasn’t dreamed of changing lives one day and earning a living doing something you love? Two years ago, I left my job as an engineer to become a photographer, videographer and digital nomad. Living in Nice, I fell under the spell of the Côte d’Azur. This region has made me what I am today: a fulfilled sportsperson that loves and respects nature. I share the beauty of this area and its many sporting possibilities and show you the things that made me fall in love with it!