Vin et vignes


A unique terroir, specific grape varieties, an exceptional location… This is what has given the Bellet vineyard the appellation d’origine protégée (AOP) [Protected designation of origin] label for the last twenty-four years. A label of which the Dalmasso family, who run the vineyard, are extremely proud. An essential address on the Côte d’Azur Wine Route!


Joseph Dalmasso purchased the ground at the Domaine de La Source in 1962, in the land where he was born. Formerly a dairy farmer and livestock rearer, he wanted to follow in his family’s footsteps to become a horticulturist and grow carnations and snapdragons in particular. The gift of this land stems from the presence of a well, which is a considerable boost for horticulture.

At the age of 14, Jacques took over the farm when his father retired. He played his part in 1986, planting vines for use by himself and friends, after noting that the land’s exposure was suitable for growing wine grapes. 5 years later, the Domaine de la Source vineyard was born out of a passion for wine-making that was stronger than that for the greenhouses. Spread over 7 hectares, the estate is nestled on the Nice hills and is one of the smallest vineyards in France. An AOC since 1941, “Bellet” is rare, a wine from the south with character!


When Jacques was growing flowers, his children, Carine and Eric, hardly dreamed of one day taking over the family establishment. However, wine-growing is a completely different trade. It is a passion that requires in-depth expertise and advanced technical knowledge. Jacques and his wife Hélène passed on their passion and their knowledge to their children. So, in the 2000s, they both joined their father and expanded the operations by purchasing new plots. They would have to wait 5 years to live solely on the fruit of their crop.

The Domaine de la Source became a 3-generation family concern. The transmission of traditional know-how combined with the wine-growing spirit are the root of the great and character-filled organic wines from the Domaine de la Source.


In the 1970s, organic certification didn’t yet exist. We spoke of reasoned agriculture in which the principle was to use the least amount of pesticides on crops and thus limit environmental impacts.

In 1985, the AB (Agriculture Biologique [Organic Farming]) label was created, based on prohibiting the use of products from synthetic chemistry. Sensitive to environmental practices and adopting the reasoned agriculture concept, the Dalmasso family naturally turned to 100%-organic production. A specific feature that applies to both the vine and the wine itself. The Domaine de la Source is therefore subject to an annual inspection by the Agence Bio [French organic agency] based on standardized guidelines.


Bubbles so Niiice!”. This is the name of the latest creation from the Domaine de la Source. After a red, white and rosé variety, the Dalmasso family created a variety that has the special feature of being sparkling, and which is unique in the Alpes-Maritimes. This 100% Organic Rolle 2019 vintage is made in Nice, according to the same traditional method as Champagne, but without added liqueur. “Bubbles so Niiice!” is a fruity white wine with hints of peach, and notes of balsamic and resin. This organic dry white wine is gentle in the mouth and is just as suitable as an aperitif as it is as an accompaniment to fish and seafood.

It is available from the “Domaine de la Source” or in the “Au Goût de Nice” shops.