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Recipe: «farmhouse bread» by chef Nicolas Rondelli*

In this unprecedented period, what could be better than indulging yourself by cooking some delicious signature #CotedAzurFrance dishes! Today, Nicolas RONDELLI, Michelin starred chef at the restaurant Les Pêcheurs* in Cap d’Antibes shares his recipe for a good farmhouse loaf to honour the traditional “merenda” in Nice and complement your weekend meals…

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200 g T65 flour
100 g rye flour
2.5 g fresh baker’s yeast
5 g honey
6.5 g salt
180 g water

40 g T65 flour
40 g water
0.5 g fresh yeast



1/ The day before prepare the poolish (a kind of starter culture):
Dissolve the yeast in water and add the flour, mix well and cover with a cloth. Leave to rise in the bowl all night at room temperature.

2/ the next day mix the flours:
Dissolve the yeast in water directly in the food processor bowl with the honey and the poolish.
Add the flours and knead for 5 minutes on speed 1 then 5 minutes on speed 2.
Add salt and continue to knead for 2 minutes on speed 2.
The dough should be soft and come away from the bowl.
Remove the hook, form a ball and leave to rise for 1 hour covered with a cloth.

METHOD (continued)

3/ Knock back the dough and divide it into 2 balls, arrange them in 2 shallow generously floured dishes, cover with a cloth and leave to rise at room temperature for at least 3 hours (depending on the temperature of the room, between 3 and 4 hours).

4/ Preheat the oven to 220 degrees using the upper and lower heat option with a small jar of water to provide moisture.
Place baking paper on the baking tray and turn the dishes out onto the baking tray without touching the dough so it doesn’t release the air bubbles. Using a cutter, cut the dough into squares and without covering the dough leave to form a crust while the oven preheats.

5 / Bake for 45 min as close to the bottom of the oven as possible and don’t open the oven again to avoid losing moisture. Take the bread out and check the bake – it should be golden brown and crusty. When you tap the underneath, it should sound hollow.

    A recipe by Chef


Nicolas RONDELLI, Restaurant les Pêcheurs*

Originally from Nice, Chef Nicolas Rondelli describes his cuisine as French gastronomy with Mediterranean influences combined with a few exotic touches.

“Cooking? It is a passion that has always been with me, my grandmother was a very good cook.”