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Aqui, si mangia la socca! Where can you eat the best Socca?

A true jewel of Niçoise gastronomy, the famous Socca, or gram flour pancake, is eaten anywhere and anyhow. But first you need to know the right establishments in order to enjoy this local speciality at any time of the day!

The historical socca spots in the Port District

In the Port district of Nice, everything takes place between Rue Bavastro and Rue Bonaparte.

These two main streets house several establishments of the Niçoise culinary tradition, both classic and innovative.

For 90 years, the ovens have been running at Chez Pipo, with its ever so special atmosphere, where the recipe for a delicious crispy socca is kept a closely guarded secret.

The Socca d’Or is the essential meeting point of the “Petit Marais Niçois” to bring the trendy and authentic sides of the district together, just like a socca shared on a table corner, with a hint of salt and pepper.

Socca: the best places in Old Nice

In the heart of Old Nice, you need to wait your turn to try one of these steaming creations!

While the world rushes over at lunchtime, there is no set time to enjoy a good socca straight out of the oven.

Chez Teresa for example, the wonderful Niçoise company established in 1925 that offers its pancake at the small stand on Cours Saleya or at 28 rue Droite; or even at René Socca, on the unmissable major corner of the northern entrance to Old Nice, where you can sit at one of the wooden tables on Rue Miralheti to pass the time.

When innovation serves the socca!

While sharing is a must for enjoying this speciality, today you can find some modern socca varieties, all just as appetizing and anchored in tradition.

The Côte d’Azur Aperitif box set offered by the Côte d’Azur France brand in partnership with the chef Luc Salsedo showcases these new additions – including socca chips and even a Socc’apéro preparation to create your own socca pancake at home.

But soccaddicts rest assured – socca can be eaten all year round and in any of its forms!