The royal history of Galimard, one of the first French perfume houses

In the mind of a composer, the famous Nose, a new perfume is the fruit of a subtle blend of essences, measured in accordance with their strength and according to the result you wish to obtain. An art in itself, which Maison Galimard endeavours to share while respecting traditions and family values.

The origins of the Galimard perfumery

Galimard is the story of a love for perfume since 1747.

Founded by Jean de Galimard, Lord of Séranon and a member of the Glovers and Perfumers corporation, this perfumery was used to supplying the court of King Louis XV the Beloved, particularly with oils, pomades and perfumes created from its original formulae.

It was the start of the process that would endow Grasse with the title of World Perfume Capital.

Passing on passion and family know-how

At the dawn of the 1900s, Siméon Roux grew the precious orange and jasmine flowers for the greatest perfumeries in Grasse.

His son, Joseph Roux, who had spent his childhood in his father’s flower fields, would create a distillery in Gourdon that he called the Source Parfumée [Perfumed Source], where you can still visit his flower fields. The family is the fertile ground of ancestral know-how that has been passed down the generations, motivated primarily by enhancing local production and short circuits. In the 1980s, Jean-Pierre Roux, Joseph’s son, decided to teach the secrets of perfumes to the region’s many visitors and opened the Museum-Factory on the Route de Cannes. A new factory equipped with its traditional soap factory opened in 1986 at the foot of the picturesque medieval village of Eze. Both sites can be visited free of charge all year round.

New iconic scents to travel all summer long

Memories of cheerful childhood games in the sunny fields planted with orange trees.

This is what is evoked by Solenzara, the new feminine fragrance that pays homage to the family’s grandfather, Siméon Roux, who set up the jute canvases under the trees and prepared the baskets intended to receive the orange flower harvest. A soft and romantic perfume that leaves a moving footprint in the family’s memories and that rekindles emotions though a joyful bergamot note or a stunning jasmine that enhances a tender orange flower. Fresh, soft and as light as a summer breeze, the new perfume for men Aigues vives Intense is a new interpretation of a flagship product that appeared in the 1970s. Grapefruit combines with violet and amber to give an aromatic and modern fragrance.

Create, dream, and manufacture your own personal fragrance

In the olfactory temple, partition is decided around an organ of 127 essences. Such is the experience that awaits you at the Galimard Fragrance Studio in Grasse or Eze-village, to give free rein to your talent during a workshop that will have you travel through the world of the perfumer. Accompanied by a professional, you will come to understand the architecture of a good perfume, in order to obtain a harmonious and unique result. Emotions will transport you in the search for a base note that corresponds to your tastes, while blending with the olfactory notes that seduce you. Musk, sandalwood, iris, and vanilla are the very foundations of a perfume. The creative process then continues around the heart notes, which give a perfume its unique character, and the top notes that give the perfume its opening. The need-to-know? The formula for your perfume is kept secretly in the archives so that you can reorder it at any time. In allowing the creation of a personal and exclusive perfume in its creation workshops in Grasse and Eze, Galimard opens the last door that remains closed to the public: the magic of creation.

Play at being the perfumer’s apprentice at home

Behind each perfume hides a “nose”, the creator of the fragrances of tomorrow.

And if you were the Maison’s next artist?

Galimard offers the student perfumer’s case to be sent to your home, allowing you to create your own fragrance from 18 exclusive essences created especially for the occasion by the Maison’s professional perfumer.

If you want to take the experience further, the case is accompanied by an online workshop, where, after you have received your perfect little perfumer creation kit, you will be invited to connect live with a professional perfumer from Galimard to discover the matches, understand the structure of a perfume and create your own perfume yourself!

Practical information

Factory and Museum visit in Grasse: 73 Route de Cannes, Grasse (+33 (0)4 93 09 20 00) – free of charge – every day from 09:00 – duration: 1 hour – Group bookings here. Visits for individuals are without reservation.

Factory and Museum visit in Eze-Village: Place Charles de Gaulle, Eze-Village Eze-Village (+33 (0)4 93 41 10 70)- free of charge – every day from 09:00 – duration: 45 minutes – Group bookings here. Visits for individuals are without reservation.

Studio des Fragrances Galimard : 5 route de Pégomas, Grasse (+33 (0)4 93 09 20 00). Eau de Parfum creation workshops from € 55, book here.

To find out more about the world of flowers and perfume-making: read the blog 

Galimard Parfumeur à Grasse, France 2021
Galimard Parfumeur à Grasse, France 2021
Galimard Parfumeur à Grasse, France 2021