Molinard, a craft par excellence that is recognized throughout the world.

Creator-perfumer, artist, and a trailblazer down to his soul, Molinard stands out for his accomplished writing. Poetically perched between the hilltops and the sea in Grasse, the Maison enhances beautiful materials with enthusiasm and stringency. Its signature? Freedom, innovation, and creativity. Here, the rules have been thrown out for five generations.

5 generations of olfactory heritage

Established in Grasse since 1849, this independent French house boasts a rare and age-old know-how.

It’s State-awarded “Entreprise du patrimoine vivant” (Living heritage company) label salutes the excellence craftsmanship of Molinardalongside only two other houses: Guerlain and Caron. Célia Lerouge-Bénard, fifth generation and the first female director, has been infusing it with her creative audacity and her guidelines since 2010. The family lives and breathes perfume flowers and the love for these small jewels is passed down the generations. From this land of inspiration, several tonnes of flowers are harvested every year for their exceptional olfactory qualities: cabbage roses in May, royal jasmine in August, as well as sweet irises, tuberose, violets and even orange flowers, adding their unique beauty to the Pays de Grasse.

Habanita, a veritable icon of French perfume-making

In 1921, Maison Molinard created Habanita, the first feminine oriental perfume to glorify vetiver, until then an essence reserved for men.

A true revolution in the perfume world, which until that time had been ruled by floral perfumes. An icon of the Roaring Twenties, the perfume was a swift success.  Women went out, danced, played sport, wore make-up, smoked, and had short hair. Their skirts shrunk to the knee, and they wore outfits inspired by masculine garments. Habanita became the emblem of freedom and femininity in all its complexity. Sometimes sensual, sometimes seductive, the daring women that wore it asserted their original and unique style. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Habanita is throwing out the rulebook once again. The black diamond dons a red cap on a flamboyant red bottle, a tad provocative, but always elegant.

An imperfect dose of audacity leading to an olfactory masterpiece

While Habanita’s success has spanned the ages, its formula was, amongst others, the result of an error in the dose and quality of the vetiver, the key note in Habanita.

Unbelievable when you know the history and the success of the fragrance! The perfume with 675 essences is a true olfactory chameleon that changes over time. From one woman to another, the magic works by offering a scent unique to the person wearing it. You can find a lemon disguised as liquorice, a rose whose petals appear to have been cut into the skin, a vanilla that may be emanating from a cigar box, or even an amber worthy of the love potion made by a Byzantine apothecary. Its oriental woody base is a wonderfully comforting delight for those men who also know how to wear it.

Discover the curiosities of producing a perfume

Founded in 1900, the Molinard country estate in the heart of Grasse houses its historic factory, its creations laboratory, its museum, its period distillery, the metal structure of which was designed by Gustave Eiffel, and an arts and crafts soap factory.

A free guided tour allows you to discover the manufacturing secrets of the greatest perfumes, and also the heritage of Maison Molinard. Consequently, you will have the opportunity to contemplate the collections of bottles signed by the famous master glass makers René Lalique and Baccarat, period furniture (16th, 17th, and 18th centuries), old labels and other curiosities. A true journey to the heart of the raw materials, going behind the scenes of a Perfumer in his 1930s laboratory, where everything is designed, created, and composed.

Smell… imagine… and create your own perfume

From the Fragrance Bar, where you can create your fragrance in twenty minutes, to the classic workshop and the prestige workshop, discover the luxury of creating a perfume through an unforgettable experience.

Boasting over 170 years of expertise, passing on knowledge is a true driving force at Maison Molinard.

Accompanied by an expert perfumer, the olfactory pyramid of a perfume will no longer hide any secrets from you! Play the perfumer’s apprentice during one of the five workshops and leave with your personalized perfume creation and the magic formula for your fragrance, which the Maison will keep a closely-guarded secret in its archives. A unique souvenir of your journey in the cradle of the perfume industry and an original experience to enjoy for young and old alike.

Practical information

Molinard Museum – 60 Boulevard Victor Hugo, Grasse – free guided tours every 20 minutes

Creative workshop area: from 30 minutes to 2 hours – from €30 to €199 – ages 4 and up

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