Création de parfums
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Become part of this refined world by participating in a perfume workshop in the perfume capital of the world. The three largest perfumeries in Grasse invite you into their prestigious spheres to create your own fragrance.


Fragrances never leave us indifferent. Scents, such as centifolia rose, jasmine and orange blossom, etc., trigger memories.

The walks in the Pays de Grasse let you explore entire fields of perfume plants cultivated using entirely traditional methods.

In the centre of Grasse, Fragonard, Galimard and Molinard open their doors to you, so that you can try your hand at perfume making, a true art of luxury. If you are fascinated by perfumeries, here is a wonderful chance to dive into an olfactory world that befits the reputation of these companies, recognised throughout the world for their know-how.

In offering such an experience, the aim of these three famous perfumers of Grasse is for you to dream up and design a perfume with the help of a ‘nose,’ who will share a little bit of their know-how.


The history of the Galimard perfumery began in 1747 when Jean de Galimard, a former glove maker, decided to start creating perfumes and ointments made from flowers harvested in Grasse. The town’s reputation then expanded across the world, when Galimard became a supplier to the Court of Louis 15th.

In the temple of fragrances, the music is played on an organ of 127 notes to give free rein to your talents. Creating your own personalised Eau de Parfum makes the moment even more grandiose. While musk, iris, sandalwood and vanilla form the foundation of your fragrance, the creative magic continues with the heart notes, which give a perfume its unique character, and the top notes, which give it its openness. By tapping into your creativity, these few hours of immersion will envelop you in a perfume that is perfectly you.

Under the supervision of the ‘Nose,’ you will reveal your personality in the Signature workshop. At the end of this workshop, your olfactory signature will be transformed into a sublime Eau de Parfum along with its matching home fragrance.

Galimard will then archive the secret formula of your perfume in its confidential database, linking you forever with this prestigious perfumery. The Cologne Pause discovery workshop, ideal for families, will take you on a journey into the world of perfumeries, just after the guided tour of the factory-museum.


As a creative perfumery renowned for its fragrances that blend modernity with tradition, Molinard has been a present in the world of perfumery since 1849. Its rare and traditional expertise has earned it the highest distinction in France with the State awarding it the title of a ‘Living Heritage Company.’ The bold, and revolutionary Habanita was the first oriental perfume for women to accentuate vetiver, an essence that had been previously reserved for men. In the Roaring Twenties, the iconic fragrance became the emblem of freedom and women.

Molinard’s success may be centuries old, but the perfumery is still brimming with ideas! From the Fragrance Bar, to the classic workshop, and not forgetting the children’s workshop, you can unveil your talents as a perfumery apprentice during the perfume creation workshops.

Discover the ultimate luxury by signing up for the Prestige workshop. At this private session, you will be given access to 100 essences to compose your own personalised bottle of perfume and leave with a presentation box including a refill funnel and an atomiser for your handbag. The magic formula of your fragrance will be jealously guarded in the Perfumery’s archives so that you can recommend your design and prolong this perfumed dream. This unique experience, accompanied by champagne and petit fours is reminiscent of the world of haute-couture.


The wonderful and iconic perfumes of Fragonard lend fragrant splendour to a wrist and gracefully illuminate the hollow of a neck. Orange blossom is Fragonard’s iconic scent.

The perfumery’s legendary perfumes such as Belle de nuit, created in 1946, combines floral and fruity notes such as rose and plum. The base notes of white musks, bring warmth and velvetiness to this fragrance.

While the passion for perfume is passed on from generation to generation, the Perfume Museum in Grasse, as well as the Musée Provençal du Costume et du Bijou (the Provencal Costume and Jewellery Museum) and the Jean-Honoré Fragonard Museum bring a cultural dimension to the town. A visit to the historic factory in the centre of Grasse takes you on a deep dive into the history of this great Perfumery. All your senses will be alive! Extend the experience by taking part in the ‘Apprentice Perfumer’ olfactory workshop accompanied by a professional from the perfumery.

After hearing about the history of perfumery, the origin of the materials and the explanation of the olfactory pyramid, you will have the chance to create your own cologne using the perfumer’s organ. Freedom and audacity will be the guiding words!

At the end of the workshop, you will leave with the perfume you have created in an elegant personalised bottle, a diploma signed by your teacher, your apprentice’s apron decorated with the Perfumery’s logos, and above all, with a wonderful souvenir imprinted in your memory.

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