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CÔTE D'AZUR FRANCE Pass: discover the treasures of the Côte d'Azur with your family or friends this autumn!

If you are looking for ways to have fun by the sea with your family or a go on a mountain adventure with friends, then the CÔTE D’AZUR FRANCE Pass is your essential ally, packed full of good ideas and deals. Choose from more than a hundred fun, sporting or cultural activities in the Alpes-Maritimes. From the coast to the high mountain ranges, here is a selection of what this precious key could unlock for for you this autumn!


In this great outdoor region lies the Monts d’Azur Reserve, there is nothing like it in Europe. Here, bison, Przewalski’s horses, deer, elk and fallow deer live side by side, much to the delight of walkers. The guided safari through the Monts d’Azur Reserve will take you to meet these wild, protected animals in their natural setting, where the mellow autumn light reflects on the orange and golden trees.

On this safari, you will be tracking these large mammals by following the traces on foot.  A few signs of their presence, immerses you directly into the melodious bellowing of stags, wonderfully amorous ballets or spectacular bison fights. Then the deep silence returns and you can observe the behaviour of these animals in the wild.

Children will love to learn more about the history of the relationship between humans and wildlife in this open-air museum.

For a total change of scenery with your family experience thrills and excitement in a pristine natural setting.


Embark on a timeless journey aboard the Train des Pignes à Vapeur, one of the last steam trains in France! In an age where everything has to move at breakneck speed, here you can take the time to drink in the autumn landscapes on board this 1920s locomotive, a scheduled monument.

Take a trip back in time to travel at the speed of steam from the Country of Nice to Haute Provence, from a region of olive groves to one of chestnut trees, decked out in their autumn colours.

From the moment you leave Nice station until your arrival at Puget-Théniers coal is shovelled into the furnace. As you board, the staff of the Train des Pignes mingle with the passengers, you then take your place on the wooden benches, and the station master whistles to announce the departure. The creaking sound of rolling wheels blends with the noise of steam escaping into the clouds and the blue sky, and so begins this amazing experience to discover an authentic Côte d’Azur.

Every year at the end of October, don’t miss the Le Train des Pignes’ special Halloween trips or at the beginning of November, its chestnut festival. On this occasion, the Train des Pignes continues its journey to Le Fugeret, a charming village with the highest chestnut grove in France.


Enjoy an unusual and fun adventure in the mysterious depths of the Grotte de Baume Obscure in St Vallier-de-Thiey! The cave, like its surrounding wild canyons, is a magical place for nature lovers in search of authenticity and beauty.

You’ll find yourself going on a true journey to the centre of the Earth as you discover the natural treasures formed by water over millions of years.

In this pristine natural site, you can enjoy two enthralling adventures with your family or friends. The first in the Baume Obscure cave and the other along a circular forest trail on an incredible treasure hunt.

With the first adventure, you will go in search of the cave’s hidden treasures accompanied by a sound and light show, while on the second, young and old explorers will be able to enjoy a real treasure hunt in the forest. Bewitching clues and fantastic riddles will lead you to a chest filled with (semi) precious stones!


Take a break from the hustle and bustle of La Croisette, by taking a 15-minute boat trip from Cannes. In a lush natural setting, the island of Saint-Honorat is the wilder of the two Lérins islands.

This scheduled gem has been protected by the monks at the Abbey of Lérins who chose to retreat there. These monks have been making wine on this island since the Middle Ages.

Their passionate and meticulous work produce world-renowned wines and liqueurs.

Stroll along the island’s paths and bask in the wonderful scenery. “The place is a true Garden of Eden where peace and quiet reign supreme.” Such are the words of one of the first monks of Lérins, Eucher of Lyon, said in the 5th century. For him, the island seemed to be a paradise for monks.

On this island steeped in history, you can visit its seven chapels, the Napoleonic cannonball furnaces, the 11th century monastery tower and the 11th century remains that dot the area, but leave yourself time to explore the small natural coves and alleys lined with olive trees and Aleppo pines.


In Grasse, the birthplace of luxury perfume, make sure you visit to the Musée International de la Parfumerie. Here, you will learn all the secrets of this unique world. From growing perfume plants, to designing the bottles and the discovering of the scent of the natural ingredients, a heady sensory experience that awaits you. You will also discover the history of perfumes through the centuries, from ancient Egypt to the present day and see some amazing objects on display, such as Marie-Antoinette’s travel kit!

The visit will continue in a superb perfume garden where you will discover some of the natural ingredients most used in perfumery. These include the smell of centifolia rose, jasmine or orange blossom, which perhaps evokes some sweet childhood memories. The museum’s playful and educational installations enable children to encounter perfume, notably through olfactory devices for smelling the essences, helping to stimulate their olfactory system and their imagination.

The many workshops organised during the school holidays will also teach them how to create a mysterious aroma, make perfumed bath salts or an eau de toilette. This is a great way to keep alive this traditional skill that has been passed down through the generations.


Become a perfumer’s apprentice during a mini-workshop! At the Galimard perfumery, a temple to the perfumery industry in Èze-village, the Pause Cologne workshop awaits you.

Give free rein to your talent during a workshop that will take you on a journey through the world of the famous perfume house that used to supply the court of Louis XV. Guided by a professional, you will learn how to structure of a good perfume to obtain a harmonious and unique result. The emotions will carry you away as you search for fresh and fruity notes to create an original eau de cologne.

By making it possible to create a personal and exclusive perfume in its perfume design workshop in Eze, Galimard has opened the last door that remained closed to the public, the magic of creating.


Que ce soit pour une initiation à la grimpe ou pour se défier entre copains, les enfants vont adorer Circus Grimp à Mougins ! En effet, les douze murs et parcours de grimpe ont de quoi séduire !

Avec ses murs colorés aux formes géométriques, les enfants de 6 ans à 15 ans vont pouvoir évoluer au milieu de décors délirants, inspirés de l’univers de la grimpe, des jeux vidéo et de l’espace.

Rejoindre la tête de la girafe au sommet du mur après l’ascension de son cou, escalader les gardiens de cette galaxie jusqu’au dernier alien ou évoluer au milieu des briques du célèbre jeu Tetris sera un jeu d’enfant pour vos bambins !

Le lieu est aussi idéal pour un anniversaire sportif et amusant entre amis.

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