Pas D'entrage


What better way to discover the ancient and famous “Route Napoléon” than to saddle up, hot on the emperor’s heels? Since 2018, the Route Napoléon Association has organised hikes, overnight stays and horseback rides on the 1st Major Equestrian Route to be accredited by the French Equestrian Federation.


Forced to abdicate unconditionally in 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte was banished to the island of Elba. He escaped one year later and travelled to Golfe Juan on the French Riviera, from where he began his journey to Vizille.

From 1 March to 7 March 1814, he travelled through Cannes, Grasse, Saint-Valtier-de-Thiey, Escragnolles, Séranon, Castellan, Barrême, La Clappe, Digne-les-Bains, Malijai, Sisteron, Poët, Rourebeau, Tourronde, Gap and Vizille. His horseback journey was later turned into an unmissable Southern Alpine road, known as the Route Napoléon.

Throughout his journey, Napoleon stayed at inns, country houses, castles and local hotels.

With support from his old army as he arrived in Vizille near Grenoble, Napoleon reached Paris with ease, where he seized power and invaded the Tuileries. This marked the beginning of the period known as the “One Hundred Days”.

The Route Napoléon Association offers an opportunity to walk in Napoleon’s hoofprints, eating and sleeping in the places Mr Bonaparte himself stayed in.


Founded on 26 March 2018 in Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban, the Route Napoléon Association attracts fans of outdoor activities, ecology and originality; offering equestrian tourism in 2 regions and 4 Departments along the Route Napoléon.

Promoting this first major route, which is “GITE” accredited by the French National Equestrian Tourism Committee of the FFE, involves initiatives implemented jointly by its partners, with support from the Isère Cheval Vert Association. 5 years were needed to forge a solid partnership and to consult with those working at a grassroots level – something which is key to ensuring client satisfaction and a high service quality.

The Route Napoléon Association, accommodation providers and the equestrian centres work hand in hand to consolidate the appeal and the history of this unforgettable route.


The Route Napoléon Association offers a range of overnight stays, hikes and hacks to suit riders of all levels.

Experience a hack, a horse-riding and hiking initiation course, or a themed stay in the company of a trained and qualified guide who will make your trip fun and unforgettable. Each adventure begins with a presentation of your travel companion and grooming time, during which you will be able to create a bond with your horse and start your experience.

Each of the packages on offer will help to put you in Napoleon’s shoes, thanks to re-enactments and the type of accommodation chosen by the Association. Holiday cottages, refuges, bivouac, camping and chalets, you will stay where emperor Napoleon himself stayed! This unique and original experience will be a journey unlike any other!

All the overnight stays and excursions


For independent riders with their own horse, the routes and accommodation are available to you.

The Route Napoléon Association website offers a system for booking the accommodation of your choice directly. A roadmap and GPX routes will also be provided so that you can efficiently organise your trip.

You can therefore experience themed stays and receive information about the equestrian centres which organise them.

On the banks of the Durance River or on the mountain trails, with the Provençal scents or those wafting through the trees, share all of these wonders with your travel companion and enjoy the combination of nature and history this journey offers.


A fun and original programme has been devised with younger riders and their ponies in mind: pony rides, fun trails, discovery tours, equi-health trails…. there’s something for everyone!

2 Equestrian Centres and 1 Equestrian Tourism Centre offer family horse-riding, pony and local culture activities. The Association provides a combination of nature, family, sport and fun.

Children can also participate in multi-activity courses, enabling them to discover pony-games, equestrian vaulting, dressage, show jumping, “equi-fun” on horseback and “equi-feel” on foot! All of these activities are sure to put a smile on young riders’ faces.

La Route Napoléon à cheval
Présentation de la Route Napoléon à Cheval
Présentation de la Route Napoléon à Cheval
Présentation de la Route Napoléon à Cheval