Exhibition at the Villa Kerylos: the Mediterranean dream in the hands of sculptor Antoine Pierini

The famous Villa Kerylos in Beaulieu-sur-Mer is hosting master glassmaker Antoine Pierini for the “Dreaming of the Mediterranean” exhibition.

Villa Kérylos: a tribute to Greek civilization

It stands out against the spectacular landscape of the Eze cliffs with its unique style. Opposite the Mediterranean Sea, Villa Kérylos dominates the small Baie des Fourmis in Beaulieu-sur-Mer. Built at the beginning of the 20th century at the instigation of Théodore Reinach, an archaeologist and French statesman fascinated by Greek civilisation, the Villa boasts a decor that has been though out down to the smallest of details. Organized around the traditional peristyle, the Villa contains the most precious materials: antique stucco, marble from Carrara or Sienna, and hardwood furnishings. The decoration is sumptuous: mosaics and frescoes that are directly inspired by antique documents, vases and wall paintings that illustrate the greatest scenes depicting the gods and legendary heroes. The luxury home, a listed historic monument, invites you on a journey through space and time, just like the works of Antoine Pierini.

Antoine Pierini: the love of the Mediterranean as a legacy

Know-how passed down from his father and a land of inspiration, the Côte d’Azur, where the blue of the Mediterranean is revealed. This is the breeding ground for Antoine Pierini’s artistic direction, which he modestly entitles the “Mediterranean Journey”, the common thread of most of his creations. The artist from Antibes needs nothing more to create and dream of his Mediterranean at Villa Kérylos.

The glassmaker artist draws his inspiration from the mountain and marine landscapes of the Mediterranean region and his journeys allow him to feed his creative approach. In rendering this mix of civilizations accessible to all, Antoine Pierini presents us with a collection that is thought provoking and questioning, in order to give rise to intense emotions. A bet that paid off with this new exhibition to be discovered at Villa Kérylos.


Dreaming of the Mediterranean: an invitation to travel

Through his “Dreaming of the Mediterranean” exhibition, master glassmaker Antoine Pierini invites us on a getaway through time, in the footsteps of Homer and Albert Camus in Athens. In fact, the writer discovered Greece during an initial trip in 1955.

In his notebooks, the mythology and Greek literature fan recounts his awe of its landscapes and the unique light that reigns there.

In taking up all of the qualities inherent in glass, the master glassmaker transports us to Ancient Greece.

The ability of glass to reflect light, or conversely to absorb it, its transparency or its opacity leads the artist Antoine Pierini to play with colours in a subtle fashion.

Visual, audible and full of history, literature and philosophy, the exhibition allows us to be stirred and ask ourselves about the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Mediterranean.

A truly aesthetic splendour awaits us in the heart of Villa Kérylos.

Dive into Ancient Greece

Antoine Pierini creates dialogue between his transparent and colourful amphorae and the antique vases that adorn Villa Kerylos. The path starts inside the Villa with the “Line and Angle” installation. Further on, “The Hills” develop in the form of accumulation. Antoine Pierini created these abstract bubbles while considering the dunes in the Tassili desert of Algeria. A true invitation to dream at the heart of the Mediterranean.

“Reed columns” proudly take centre stage in the peristyle, whereas “The Purpose of the Journey”, which combines sculpture and video, takes over Athena’s vestibule.

The antique amphorae entitled “Modern Remains” become bright and translucent thanks to the glass. The works come to life with a video projected onto their silhouette, changing from a calm sea to a storm. On the first floor of the Villa, “Intimate Light” makes blue and fuchsia amphorae light up the Master and Mistress bedrooms. On the marble of the large lounge, “Landmark Trees” stand tall, such as cypress, the trees symbolic of eternity that are prevalent across the Mediterranean region. Interspersed with audible punctuation, the path ends in the Antique gallery with the poetic installation “Sea, inside”. The glass plates are laid out in infinite shades of blue and envelop us in this Mediterranean dream.

A major exhibition and multiple works are to be discovered within the enchanting setting of the Villa Kérylos on the Côte d’Azur!

Information: “Dreaming of the Mediterranean” exhibition by Antoine Pierini, until 18 September 2022.

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