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Sport, Mechanical sports, Pedestrian sports, Car or motorbike circuit, Course, Hide and seek/treasure hunt in Sainte-Maxime

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    Experience of the South - Responsible Hiking & Rally - Group & Individual
    General Public
    FIT / Tour Operator

    Group: You are organizing an event! You are a company, a tour operator, a group of friends, a family…
    Individual: you organize your weekend or your holiday! You are alone, as a couple, with friends or family… You can also contact us for a tailor-made activity…

    Corporate: Corporate events (seminar, convention, incentive, team building, press trip)
    Tour operator: Excursions (tour operator, incoming agency, cruise line, tour operator)
    General public: Leisure activities and/or Private events (birthday, wedding, family party, friendly reunion)

    Discovery rally: Pedestrian, bicycle, boat, car, helicopter, well-being
    Hiking: Discovery, gastronomic, silent, sporty, spiritual
    Picnic: Country, epicurean, gastronomic, trendy, vintage

    Authentic events - Culture & ethics: the Naturallye team directs your desires towards immersion activities and respectful of nature. Meetings authentic and responsible for their terroir in the territory of your choice. The occasion for the guests to exchange with local actors (farmers, perfumers, etc.) And brilliant speakers (naturalists, historians, geographers, etc.) All concerned about the future of the planet and its beings.

    Altruistic cohesion - Dispensation from competition: Naturallye activities are based on self-discovery and real encounters with others. Through philosophical commitment, Naturallye removes all competitive activities and recreational workshops that put people to the test. The organizing team encourages the participants to be benevolent; tolerance then becomes natural, human relationships take a philanthropic turn and cohesion remains healthy.

    Societal commitment - Carbon impact buy-back: Naturallye contributes to the neutrality of carbon emissions resulting from any motorized activity. To do this, Naturallye charges your invoice the amount of your carbon footprint calculated beforehand. The goal is to pay this sum to the good planet foundation. On the other hand, Naturallye undertakes to offer at the end of each activity a useful ecological gift to each guest. A recycled wooden pencil with seeds. After use, the pencil is planted in the ground. From the simple pencil, it becomes a vegetal plan.

    Paper Recycling - Responsible Printing: Partnership with engaged printers using only recycled paper for documents requiring printing. Road book, maps, rally bag, etc.

    Back to basics - «La Randonnée» the favorite: Admittedly, a specialist of the rally since always, the agency passionate of hiking for all that, now praises the activities «nature» not requiring the use of motorized means of locomotion. Indeed, these have incomparable privileges.

    Fuel saving - Home-working: Naturallye now only works remotely by facilitating telephone meetings and videoconferences with its team and stakeholders. This encourages family preference and obviously limits fuel consumption.

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