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Music by Salif Keita

Cultural, Concert in Sainte-Maxime
  • Dubbed "The Golden Voice Of Africa", seventy-year-old Malian Salif Keita is one of the most respected Afro-pop singers of his generation. After a life of tribulations dedicated to affirming his difference, this icon of West African music finally celebrates what he is, Another White, in an album and tour that he announces to be the last.

    At the head of many exceptional musical formations, then solo, Salif Keita has climbed in 50 years of career the steep steps of the world celebrity whose names evoke quest, mobility and travel. Considered alone as the avant-garde of Malian music, it has broadened musical boundaries and cleared a new path in which rock, funk and jazz blend into the deepest traditions of griots.

    Despite the hardships of his West African life, which had long been subjected to political unrest and the weight of superstition, the poet never ceased to mention his pride in belonging to this mythical Mali and his native Mandé, lands that he has taken charge of illustrating the beautiful values of humanism in the four corners of the world. Yet Salif Keita, the white man with a deeply Negro-African soul, also expresses the ardent desire to distance himself from a Malian society that has denied him his human rights in their own right.

    Expelled from his native village at the age of 18 because he was albino, which was considered a harbinger of bad luck, Salif Keita still shows, at the age of 70, his commitment to claim the right to difference. After a life dedicated to affirming his singularities, Salif Keita leaves the stage as master to play and think: he expresses his profound and universal identity one last time, under the title Another White.

    Another White - World Music

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