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Music: Andando Lorca 1936 [creation 2022]

Cultural, Concert in Sainte-Maxime

  • After Yerma and Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca, Daniel San Pedro concludes the rural trilogy of the Spanish playwright with a theatrical concert performed and sung in French, Arabic and Spanish. Because the director likes to confront languages and make poetry resonate by mixing music and play in a hybrid form accessible to all.

    July 1936. The rumors of the civil war roar, Spain is torn between modernity and freedom on the one hand, tradition and conservatism on the other. In a small village, Bernarda Alba is buried, her daughters are present, it is the end of a world and the beginning of a new era. Free, responsible for themselves, their destiny changes with the force of events: living, resisting, fleeing, collaborating, enjoying freedom… they will have to choose sides. So, at the dawn of new lives, five will decide to leave, only one will remain. History will shape their future…

    At the heart of the play are death, love, political commitment, freedom, travel, universal themes dear to Lorca magnified by the musical creation of Pascal Sangla interpreted by Liv Heym (violin), Pascal Sangla (piano), M'hamed el Menjra (guitar, lute, percussion, double bass). And the irradiant presence of six actresses singers: Aymeline Alix, Audrey Bonnet, Zita Hanrot, Camélia Jordana, Estelle Meyer, Johanna Nizard.

    Everything is music and song at Lorca who almost became concert pianist, everything is music and song in the direction of Daniel San Pedro who revives the dreams of the Spanish playwright, makes his soul vibrate, hear his poetic and committed breath. That summer in 1936, Lorca was back in Granada where he was arrested…

  • Spoken languages

  • On January 29, 2022
  • Full price
    From 15 € to 28 €


  • On January 29, 2022 at 8:30 PM
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