Lorsque les peintres arrivèrent sur place, il était déjà trop tard - Thierry Lagalla

Cultural, Exhibition, Contemporary art in Nice
  • Master of the Quasi, Thierry Lagalla is the artist right next door, not just anywhere.

  • Declaring painting dead in order to better appropriate it, that is Thierry Lagalla.
    A funeral, a mise en abîme, a mise en boite.
    A first-class burial.

    Painting is dead! Long live painting!

    He practises an art that has fun with constraints and twists opposites;
    He offers us a poetic, burlesque, graphic world, populated with oxymorons, eschatological aporias (yes, it is!), conceptual figuration and cream pies.

    Sophie Toulouse 10/21
  • Spoken languages
    • French
  • From September 3, 2022 until October 15, 2022
    Opened Everyday
    * Opening on Saturday 03 September at 03:00pm.
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