Jean-Luc Verna - Vous n’êtes pas un peu beaucoup maquillé ? - Non.

Cultural, Exhibition in Nice
  • Jean-Luc Verna is back in Nice, his home town, for a total exhibition.

  • And that in itself is wonderful news for Espace à vendre - and for
    and for its visitors! The exhibition, which runs from 29 October 2022 to 07 January 2023, will offer
    the opportunity to discover the multiple media used by the artist (drawing
    (drawing, sculpture, photography) deployed in the entire space: the gallery, the showroom, the patio and the castle, for a total of nearly 250 m2 of exhibition space.
  • Spoken languages
    • French
  • From October 28, 2022 until January 7, 2023
    Opened Everyday
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