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Restaurant, Fish, Mediterranean cuisine, Italian cuisine, Sea food, Traditional cooking in Saint-Tropez
  • "Italian Seahouse" by Eric FRECHON. Inspired by the patio of an Amalfi villa, it is an ode to the elegance of Mediterranean cuisine around the most beautiful fish, shellfish and crustaceans. On the menu: "condimenti italiano" oysters, gambero rosso from Sicily pearly with spices, langoustine ravioli with peach and fresh verbena, "di Gina" bass crudo with pink berries, and the emblematic "Gina's confidential linguini": a blue lobster with coral butter and basil. In a setting of sparkling colours, Gina's is dressed in Mayan blue, Jean-Paul Gaultier & Maison Lelièvre moiré prints, Murano vases, all punctuated with Italian furniture with nods to Gio Ponti and Ferrucio Lavani.
    A brandnew seafood restaurant in Saint-Tropez which offers fresh food from the sea as well as a trendy atmosphere. The restaurant is run by group Annie Famose : specialists in lifestyle and stylish restaurants, and Éric Frechon, the famous michelin-starred chef. The menu features dishes from the mediterranean sea cooked with italian style, including delicious items like gambero rosso, oysters with "condimenti italiano and" Gina'sconfidential linguini " with blue lobster.

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