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Tahitian Dance: Feet and Hands for a Tamure…

Discovery in Sainte-Maxime

  • Workshop to raise awareness about Tahitian dance, hosted by Patricia Desages: a poetic language renewing itself to the sandstone of sung texts…

    Practiced throughout the archipelago since the dawn of time, the tamure (ori tahiti in original version) or tahitian dance appears as one of the distinctive signs of a cultural identity and an art of living "Polynesian". Sometimes rhythmic, sometimes sensual, the Ori tahiti is inspired by everyday gestures and holds in the symbolism of its hand movements a whole delicious exoticism.
    A poetic language that renews itself with the stonework of the sung texts, this gesture, as complex as it is subtle, far from being a mime, makes it possible to say the unspeakable and transcend the writings.

    This awareness-raising workshop hosted by Patricia DESAGES is an invitation to travel…

    Let yourself be seduced by the tamure and become a vahiné with the rhythms of the ukulele…

    And don’t forget to bring your finest sarong.

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  • On February 6, 2021
    * De 11h à 12h : rencontre interactive De 14h30 à 16h30 : atelier pratique