Crowd - Gisèle Vienne

Cultural, Dance in Nice
  • On the floor, empty bottles mix with dried earth, traces left by previous parties. Crowd plunges the spectator into the heart of a techno party, where fifteen dancers let their bodies express themselves to the rhythm of their emotions.

  • "What Dennis Cooper and I have been passionate about since the beginning of our very long collaboration is trying to reinvent, with each project, new relationships to text, language, speech, narrative and new ways of writing for the stage. The writing of this piece is reminiscent of the work of mixing in music, which leaves the spectator a determining part in the way he or she will see and experience the piece.

    Gisèle Vienne
  • Spoken languages
    • French
  • Rates
    From €5 to €35
  • From March 10, 2023 until March 11, 2023
    Opened Everyday
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