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Biot, the glassblowing capital of the Côte d’Azur!

The village of Biot is a successful blend of sea and mountains, the art of living and arts and crafts, tradition and modernity, heritage and innovation. Since the second half of the 20th century, blown glass has become the new symbol of this village on the Côte d’Azur. Holding the Ville et Métiers d’Art label since 1997 for its glass trade, in almost 60 years Biot has become the modern glass capital of France. Several glass workshops, each producing creations with their own personality, have set up in Biot in order to showcase the subtlety that is the glassmaker’s art.  Follow the guide!


Take a stroll through its shady streets, let yourself be led on a discovery of its heritage, visit the Sainte Marie-Madeleine church, a listed Historic Monument…Imagine yourself in front of the portrait of Fernand Léger, who was not just a painter, but also a box maker, rug maker and stained-glass window maker, a decorator, ceramicist, sculptor, designer and illustrator. He was one of the first to publicly exhibit works of a cubist orientation and is considered as one of the great figures of modern art. See the know-how of the artists and craftsmen of Biot: glassmakers, jewellers, ceramicists, leather workers, painters, etc. Enjoy an unforgettable creative experience: over 50 artists and 25 trades are still active in Biot. Take a seat on the café and restaurant terraces for a congenial, authentic and tasty break. Stroll along the La Brague river in a listed and protected natural estate, enjoy a round of golf…

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A museum devoted to the work of the famous 20th century French artist, the National Fernand Léger Museum boasts the largest collection of the artist’s works. Initially a private museum, the Fernand Léger Museum in Biot is now a National museum, owned by the state and awarded the Musée de France label. Top tip for children: during the holidays, the National Fernand Léger Museum offers creative visits to share with the family, based on the collections and the current exhibition. A rare chance to discover an artist curious about his era and to relive the birth of the great artistic movements of the start of the 20th century. This event will awaken interest and curiosity in both young and old.

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The Museum of Biot’s History and Ceramics boasts an original formula, bringing the town that owns the buildings and the association that was the original owner and manager of the collections together in a common interest. Created in 1980 and fully renovated in 2004, the Museum will show you elements of Biot heritage connected to a rich history going back over 2000 years. Did you know? On Celtic-Ligurian land, the village of Biot became a Gallo-Roman Castrum and housed a Templar preceptory before being entirely repopulated in the 15th century by families arriving from the Ligurian coast. Thanks to the scale and quality of its clay and heat-proof stone deposits, Biot became the largest Mediterranean centre for the production of earthenware jars. In the mid-17th century, some forty potteries could be counted. Their immense output was widely exported throughout the Mediterranean and to the Americas. The museum offers you a collection of these earthenware pots, the production of which ranges from the 16th to the 19th century. Little by little, pottery in Biot turned to utilitarian ceramics that were varied and decorative.

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Every Saturday morning, from 09:00 to 13:00: the Place des Arcades in Biot welcomes a new market devoted to quality organic and local food, cosmetic products and crafts. Encouraging access to healthy food at a lower cost, giving preference to short circuits, promoting local organic farming and the local economy… these are the objectives of Biot Village, which, by way of this market, is continuing its commitment to the ecological, social and civic transition.


Are you concerned about the way in which you consume? Do you want to highlight artisans and artists from the Côte d’Azur, discover them and have them discovered, and contribute to the development of local crafts? The talents of the Côte d’Azur await you in this boutique!

Come and discover the Socquettes de l’Archiduchesse boutique in a historic building in the heart of Biot village. Open 7 days a week all year round (except 1 January), you will be welcomed by the creators themselves, who take turns in running the boutique. You can meet them face-to-face and discuss their world, and you can also discover the ten other worlds on offer. On the programme, unique creations or limited editions, ranging from decorative items to jewellery, via ceramics, sculptures and works of art, decorative plants and other wonders. The creators also offer different workshops every month so you can discover their know-how while having a great time.

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This boutique, located on Place de l’Eglise in Biot, aims to promote the richness of modern creativity in our region through exclusive items and works available to all. The basic criteria can be summarized in offering creations that are original, both technically and aesthetically.
The aim is, over the short term, to produce exclusive creations for “La Boutique”. Like the boutiques existing within museums, these selected products are unique pieces or numbered limited editions.

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On the programme: 1½-hour walk and meditation at sunset…

This is an invitation to an inner journey in the heart of nature, at the Dôme de Biot. Let yourself be guided through a magical location surrounded by volcanic rocks and Barbary figs, to recharge your batteries and connect with the land and the sky. The Dôme de Biot is a small volcano over 27 million years old. It is one of the rare wild areas on the Côte d’Azur, just 3 kilometres from the sea, and a Natura 2000-classified site.
Count on a walk of about 30 minutes to reach the summit. On the way, you will discover a stone labyrinth. At the top, you can admire the magnificent 360° view over the Angels Bay and the mountains, before closing your eyes and allowing yourself to be led on a short meditation: “an inner journey”. This area holds a great telluric energy, an ideal location to reconnect with the essential. Caution: the path is very uneven, scattered with holes and volcanic rocks, so remember to bring walking shoes. Price: EUR 25 per person. Group of 8 people, max.

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