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Focus on the Alpes-Maritimes Nice-Cannes Marathon

Enter the legendary Alpes-Maritimes Nice-Cannes Nice-Cannes Marathon : see you on november 5, 2023 to take up the challenge! On the program: 42.195 km of pure bliss on the Côte d’Azur between sea and mountain, with a mythical start on the Promenade des Anglais and an exceptional finish line on La Croisette. With more than 150,000 runners registered since its creation in 2008 and with more than 80 nations represented at the start on all distances offered, the Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes Nice-Cannes has seduced by the beauty of its landscapes and its climate thousands of competitors from all over the world.

This year celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes Nice-Cannes, come and run in blue in honour of the Côte d’Azur sky and the famous “blue line” painted on the ground indicating the ideal trajectory to cover the 42.195km in the least amount of time.

Every participant is invited to wear a blue garment or accessory on the D-day !


Nice- Cannes: an option for everyone!

From Nice to Cannes, come to experience a 5 stars experience and discover the gorgeous framework of Côte d’Azur and succombe to the « French Riviera art de vivre »! As nearly 150,000 runners since the first edition in 2008, come and run on one of the most beautiful route in the world and enjoy the party and marathon spirit throughout your stay with us.

The Alpes-Maritimes Nice-Cannes Marathon isn’t just for experienced runners. Whatever your running experience or depending on your goal, apart from the classic event, you can opt for the « 2 x 21.1 km », thus offering you the possibility to run a half marathon connecting Nice to Cannes (Nice / Antibes – Antibes / Cannes). Or chose the Relay Marathon (from 3 km to 10.8 km) with a team of 6 runners.

Your bib will serve as travel ticket to take the train between Nice and Cannes all the day on November 5th in both directions with no limit!

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On the advice of Hippias, the former tyrant of Athens, the Persian army arrived in early September 490 on the 4 kilometres bordering the plain of Marathon, 40 kilometres from Athens. The Athenian and Platean hoplites, about 10,000 men, went to meet the Persians. On 13 September, the Persians decided to attack Athens by land and sea. According to some historians, it was on this occasion that Phidippides ran the distance that later became that of the marathon to warn Athens about invasion before dying.


In numbers (2019)…

  • 13,330 entered in the 3 races.
  • 7702 marathon runners
  • 2670 entered in the 2 × 21.1 kilometres.
  • 2958 entered in the Relay Marathon in nearly 500 teams.
  • 76% men and 24% women.
  • 26% foreigners.
  • 21% of French entrants are from the Alpes-Maritimes.
  • 59 nations represented.
  • Top 3 nationalities: France, United Kingdom and Italy.
  • Average age 42 for the Marathon distance.
  • The oldest runner is 79 years old.
Alpes-Maritimes Nice-Cannes Marathon:
15 years already!
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