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All you need to know about the fête du Mimosa in Mandelieu!

In February, Mandelieu-La Napoule celebrates Acacia dealbate – otherwise known as the famous mimosa! Arriving more than a century ago, it has contributed – and still does – to the reputation and prosperity of Mandelieu.

Mandelieu, Mimosa Capital

In 2022, the Mimosa Festival did not open the winter season, but Mandelieu indeed remains the Mimosa Capital!

The town has been decorated in flowers, and the following events took place:

  • Tuesday, 15 February at 18:00: The blessing at Notre-Dame-des-Mimosas. Free of charge.
  • Wednesday, 16 February at 19:00: Notre Dame du Liban.

Concert on the theme of “The great arias and duets from opera and musical comedy.” Rate: €10.

At the Emmanuelle de Marande Park you also have discovered the open-air exhibition THE MIMOSA SAGA that is an addition to the Mimosa Arboretum.

Free entry every day.

Mandelieu, Mimosa Capital.

Nature maintains her rights and is starting to cover the hills of Mandelieu in mimosas, thus allowing the town to cultivate is reputation as the Mimosa Capital.

In fact, every year, from December to February, Mandelieu is bedecked in yellow and there is a gently aromatic atmosphere that bathes the surrounding districts. A symbol of the winter sunshine on the Côte d’Azur, it is the opportunity to take a multitude of walks or hikes with a sea view, in the Grand-Duc Forest or in the Tanneron, THE mimosa mountain range: indeed, it is given the title of the “Biggest Mimosa Forest in Europe.”

Despite the absence of the traditional Mimosa Festival from the 2022 calendar, activities are still offered, based on this delicate flower that brings such good spirits!

Discover the 2022 programme!


Mandelieu is the perfect destination for celebrating Saint Valentine’s Day! In fact, you can find everything you need to prepare the perfect romantic day for your loved one in Mandelieu.

On the programme: send bouquets of mimosas through the Tourist Information Centre, discover the Château de La Napoule, often called the Lovers’ Château because of the story of its American owners and chatelains; a guided seaside walk along the Coastal Path beside the Château; a couple’s mini-cruise in an electric boat along the Banks of the Siagne; a trip through the mimosa covered hills of the Tanneron in a charming 2CV driven by Mademoiselle Riviera, and not forgetting the option of booking a night in one of the romantic hotels and restaurants in Mandelieu, beside the sea or on the Siagne!

Fête du Mimosa

in Mandelieu-La Napoule

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