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Walk in the heart of the Port-Cros National Park, the first land and sea park in Europe

A protected natural space, the Port-Cros National Park is an exceptional location on the Côte d’Azur for wonderful wild encounters, both on land and sea. An invitation to travel that promises you an experience unique in the world, and unforgettable memories.

Port Cros: An exceptional heritage

A wild setting with preserved biodiversity, Port-Cros is one of ten French national parks. It is also the oldest marine park in Europe, occupying 1700 hectares of sunken land and 2900 hectares of sea. The island is also the cradle of a historic and cultural heritage. Consequently, you can find roman remains, some twenty military forts and around thirty shipwrecks that attract a multitude of sub-aqua enthusiasts. Multiple actions have also been implemented to preserve this rare site.

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Rediscover the flora and fauna

Stroll in the forest with the birds or photograph the fish and seabeds… A multitude of magical moments that allow you to reconnect with nature! The island is home to unique animals, to be discovered in line with your activities. No less than 177 species of birds flit between the branches and 180 species of fish nestle in the rocky and sandy beds of this unique site. Whether with binoculars or snorkel, don’t hesitate to set off and discover them…

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Preserve nature and biodiversity

The Port-Cros National Park has implemented strict regulations as part of its commitment to protecting biodiversity in order to better discover it. Surveillance patrols are carried out throughout the year to combat poaching in particular. An AI has also been developed to boost the CCTV mechanism. This mechanism aims at improving the management and preservation of the protected marine areas, and sensitive natural zones with regulated access.

Port Cros: Eco-responsible activities and outings

Whether strolling on land or navigating the swells, the Port-Cros National park can be enjoyed in many ways. On board a traditional sailboat, set off from Hyères-les-Palmiers aboard Le Brigantinto discover the Golden islands and their history. At Bormes-les-Mimosas board the Latitude Verte for a hybrid boat ride and discover the seabeds with its underwater camera. At Hyères, a naturalist guide  leads you from Estissac fort to Vigie fort, via La Palud beach for a picnic and to enjoy the crystal clear water.