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The Côte d’Azur’s environmentally-responsible labels and certifications.

In order to protect the beauty of its natural sites, the Côte d’Azur encourages its tourism operators to obtain certifications or labels from external bodies. These certifications and labels allow for protecting heritage and for building teams around common aims, thus creating a virtuous circle.

La Clef Verte

The first international sustainable tourism label

Created in Denmark in 1994, Green Key was the first sustainable tourism label created to protect the environment.

Its aim was to make parties involved with tourist accommodation aware of sustainable development .

To receive this label, establishments must commit to train their employees in sustainable development, raise awareness in their guests and implement sustainable solutions to manage water, waste and energy.

Green Globe

Safety, Security, Sustainability

This Californian certification concerns several different types of establishments, such as accommodation, restaurants and leisure sites.

It comprises 44 core criteria supported by over 380 compliance indicators.

The certification is based on four pillars: sustainable management, cultural heritage, the environment and the company’s social and economic aspect.

Consequently, Green Globe is a multipurpose certification serving as a guarantee of respect not only for the environment, but also for culture and heritage.

The EU Ecolabel

Responsible production and consumption

Founded in 1992, this label is present throughout Europe and is recognized across the world.

It concerns tourism establishments, such as hotels, holiday lets and campsites.

This label focuses on two approaches: sustainable management and sustainable development.

This label involves the regular training of employees, and commitments with regard to renewable energies, water consumption and reducing waste.

Esprit Parc National

Sharing, Commitment, Authenticity, Vitality, Respect

Newer than the labels and certifications we have just listed, the Esprit Parc National brand highlights that men and women that share their passion for their land, their know-how and the nature inside national parks. Allocation of the brand guarantees that the products and services offered to you form part of an ecological process that protects biodiversity and heritage.