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Discover Mercantour National Park, a naturally authentic land

A lover of breath-taking landscapes? Mercantour National Park is made for you! On the border of France and Italy, Mercantour National Park boasts an exceptional heritage. Over the course of over 550 km of trails, hikers discover views in which the Mediterranean extends as far as the eye can see. From 300 m to over 300 m above sea level, the Park extends across eight valleys with individual identities and an unusual richness of plants: the Roya, the Bévéra, the Vésubie, the Tinée, the upper valleys of the Var, Cians and Verdon, and lastly the Ubaye. The biological richness, the beauty of the countryside, the cultural interest and the historically preserved character justify this land being specially protected.


In Mercantour National Park, ibex, chamois, mouflons, marmots and birds can be encountered while taking a trail! The first mission of the Park is to protect and enhance the natural environments, the flora and fauna, and the surrounding cultural heritage and landscapes. The “National park” name is recognized throughout the world as the highest level of quality and protection in terms of natural spaces. A variety of actions are undertaken with a view to sustainable development and raising visitor awareness. In this aim, Mercantour National Park makes an atlas available to you, listing all the wild species sighted by its agents since its creation in 1979. Every new sighting is added in real time to the sheets for each species, which can be viewed in the spirit of sharing and enriching knowledge on Alpine biodiversity.


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Esprit parc national, a brand inspired by nature!

Launched in 2015, the Esprit parc national (National park spirit) brand is inspired by the values it conveys: commitment, sharing, respect, authenticity and vitality. The brand highlights the products and services designed by companies committed to preserving heritage. Organic farming, agriculture, enhancing local breeds and varieties… preference is given to short circuits and the local economy. This environmentally-responsible philosophy is also found in the field of tourism. Whether in regard to accommodation, catering, visiting sites or discovery activities, and even ideas for breaks, the companies limit water and energy consumption, sort waste, encourage gentle mobility, and enhance local products and know-how. Everything needed to raise visitor awareness of virtuous practices that respect nature.

The Esprit Parc National brand!

Charming landscapes and a lush green setting for an unforgettable break

For a break based as close as possible to nature, several holiday lets have been awarded the Esprit parc national label. At the Relais des Merveilles, birdsong will gently awaken you. As night falls, benefit from this to admire the Milky Way. You are guaranteed to be fully disconnected from everyday life. The Gîte d’étape de Bousieyas is one of those little mountain café-restaurants where the atmosphere is warm and they know how to extend you a friendly welcome after a long day’s hiking! For overnighters, or a long break, five cosy nests await you at the Chant du Mélé. The evening meal is created using local produce so you can rediscover forgotten flavours. The Saint-Joseph farm is in the heart of a pretty orchard where you’ll find every comfort for your stay.

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A night in a refuge, a unique immersion experience in the heart of protected countryside

If you have the soul of an adventurer and you’ve decided to set off on the great cross-Mercantour trail that connects the upper mountains to the sea over almost 200 km, through breath-taking landscapes, or you’re more likely to hike for 2-3 hours, you really must take in a breath of fresh air at one of the many refuges that inspire friendliness and assert an authentic soul. Surrounded by the highest summits and their perpetually snowy caps, the Nice refuge vwill offer you a pleasant stopover on its panoramic terrace overlooking the Lac de la Fous. Whether you prefer hiking, mountain climbing, fishing or cross-country skiing, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the Valmasque refuge. At the foot of Mont Clapier, you can stroll between the mountain lakes and reach the Les Merveilles refuge. The Vens refuge is one of its magical places where a waterfall cascades into an old glacial corrie. All in all, unique experiences to get a taste for the simple things.

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