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A hotel in Saint-Tropez: jet set or picturesque village atmosphere

Famed for their jet-setting clientele, the hotels in Saint-Tropez are among the most prized establishments in the south of France. Yet behind this golden image hide typically Provencal hotels, witnesses to the town’s more authentic past. Looking for a hotel on the Côte d’Azur? The establishments in Saint-Tropez will be able to meet your every need!

A hotel in Saint-Tropez: between luxury and authenticity!

Don’t know which hotel to choose for your holiday in Saint-Tropez?

Between charming little hotels nestled in the heart of Saint-Tropez village and the luxury star-rated hotels on the heights of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, we’ll help you find the rare gem!

A luxury hotel: immersion in the Saint-Tropez jet set

Saint-Tropez has a large collection of star-rated hotels, each more beautiful than the last!

From Saint-Tropez village to Sainte-Maxime, via Ramatuelle, the luxury hotels of Saint-Tropez offer you an exceptional stay.

Rooms with a Mediterranean Sea view, king size bed, marble bathrooms, hot tub…

In booking a luxury hotel in Saint-Tropez, who knows, perhaps the person in the room next door will be a major international star!

A hotel with a swimming pool for a refreshing swim whenever you want

Imagine visiting Saint-Tropez by day and splashing about in your hotel’s pool once back: is that not a dream?

If you’ve got small children or simply feel the cold, opt for a hotel with a heated pool.

Are the pleasures of bathing essential to your holiday? Some hotels have an indoor pool, perfect for all-year-round enjoyment, in the event the weather is capricious!

It’s time to slip your swimming costume into your suitcase, the pools at the Saint-Tropez hotels are waiting only on you!

A hotel with a spa: well-bring at the heart of your stay

Are Jacuzzis your best friend?

Book a hotel with spa to go home in shape after your getaway to Saint-Tropez.

Once you’ve slipped on your swimming costume and bathrobe, head for the hotel’s spa to recharge your batteries.

Massage, treatment, exfoliation, hot tub…

The temple of well-being if open to you. Hotels with a spa are also a paradise for couples: the opportunity for a romantic break in an idyllic setting conducive to relaxation.

The offers differ depending on the hotel: luxury cosmetics, natural treatments, oriental treatments, Nordic bath, etc.

It’s down to you to find the spa of your dreams!

A hotel with a restaurant: treats before anything else!

Most hotels in Saint-Tropez have a restaurant on their premises.

Perfect for tickling your tastebuds throughout your stay! On the menu in these restaurants you’re sure to find the region’s culinary specialties: bouillabaisse, anchoïade, fougasse, tapenade and the famous Tropezienne cake.

The restaurant in your hotel doesn’t offer Mediterranean cuisine?

Head to Saint-Tropez Village to eat in a traditional restaurant and try the marvels of the area!

Between sun-drenched vegetables, olives and fresh fish, your stay in Saint-Tropez transforms into a fine dining getaway!

A hotel with a private beach for privileged holidays

Pick a spot on a private beach: the true luxury of the Côte d’Azur.

Many hotels in Saint-Tropez offer you this privilege.

Most have set up a beach club so that you can eat, party or simply enjoy a cocktail on the sand.

A private beach means a select clientele, private deckchairs and attentive servers. Don’t hesitate to find out about the atmosphere of the hotel and its beach club.

Some are calm and dedicated to relaxation, whereas others are open for partying until the early hours.

Book a hotel with a private beach in Saint-Tropez to fully benefit from the joys of the Mediterranean!

A town-centre hotel in the heart of Saint-Tropez village

A former fishing village, the charm of Saint-Tropez is revealed in the old town between the Port district and La Ponche. The latter are the very quintessence of the famous Saint-Trop’ locations. In picking a town-centre hotel, you can visit the most iconic locations of Saint-Tropez while enjoying the warm and friendly atmosphere of the city centre. It is also the opportunity to leave the car behind, as you can do everything on foot. Place des Lices, located in the heart of La Ponche, brings together boutiques and restaurants. From the centre, you can access the ramparts of the Citadelle, a fortress that overlooks the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. We’ll let you imagine the beautiful panoramic view afforded to you from its heights.

Don’t forget your camera!

A hotel in Saint-Tropez for dogs

What would Saint-Tropez be without Brigitte Bardot and her love of animals?

The actress certainly played an important role in Saint-Tropez hotels since most allow pets. And if, like her, your pets are an integral part of your family, it’s normal that you should be able to bring them on your dream holiday in Saint-Tropez.

Your little furballs will be warmly welcomed by Saint-Tropez hotel staff: it’s therefore not unusual for them to set up food bowls and treats in your room before you arrive!

For swimming, your pooches are allowed on the wonderful Pampelonne and Escalet beaches.

Otherwise, numerous wild coves await you for outings that combine hikes and soaking in the turquoise waters.

A hotel with a car park to meander around the Côte d’Azur in complete tranquillity

Choosing a hotel with a car park is the guarantee of parking your car in complete serenity.

Especially if you’re not counting on driving during your stay. You’re a nomad at heart? The Saint-Tropez hotels with a car park are perfect for hosting you during your stopover in the town. What would you say to a road trip on the Côte d’Azur to Cannes, Antibes, Nice, Monaco, Menton… and why not finish up in Italy?

Coming to Saint-Tropez by car means you can also explore the hinterland and discover all the region’s treasures. You can also rent a vehicle once on site if you decide to come to Saint-Tropez without your own car.

Questions about the hotels in Saint-Tropez?
  • Is breakfast included in the price per night?

    That depends on the establishment; the hotels specify whether breakfast is included in the room price when booking. Contact the hotel concerned directly if you’re not sure. If not, you can always enjoy brunch in Saint-Tropez old town or a coffee on a terrace with a view over the Mediterranean Sea.

  • What beaches are near Saint-Tropez?

    Like all the seaside resorts on the Côte d’Azur, Saint-Tropez has over a dozen beaches. The rule is simple: the further you are from the town centre, the wilder and more tranquil the beaches. Discover our selection of the best beaches in Saint-Tropez:

    ●     Bouillabaisse beach, Saint-Tropez

    ●     La Ponche beach, Saint-Tropez

    ●     La Fontanette beach, Saint-Tropez

    ●     Les Graniers beach, Saint-Tropez

    ●     Les Canoubiers/Canebiers beach, Saint-Tropez

    ●     Pampelonne beach, Ramatuelle

    ●     Tahiti beach, Ramatuelle

    ●     Escalet Beach, Ramatuelle

  • In which district should you overnight in Saint-Tropez?

    Before booking your hotel in Saint-Tropez, you should define which district you want to stay in. To help you see more clearly, discover our selection of the best districts to spend the night in Saint-Tropez:


    ●     Vieux-Port (The old port): located in the heart of Saint-Tropez, you can admire the many yachts moored up and enjoy the summer events both day and night. A town centre district, from the Old Port you can do everything on foot!


    ●     Ramatuelle: this is one of the most famous hamlets of Saint-Tropez. Ramatuelle is the preferred district of celebrities who can be found there every year in their respective villas. You will appreciate this area for its calm and wild environment.


    ●     Bellevue: like its name indicates, this district enjoys an unimpeded view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and the Mediterranean Sea. This is the area not to be missed for lovers of the great blue sea and suites with a sea view.

  • What is there to see in Saint-Tropez?

    Once you’ve booked your hotel room, you only have to enjoy the pleasures of Saint-Tropez between the beaches and sightseeing:

    ●     Citadelle de Saint-Tropez

    ●     Château de la Moutte

    ●     Gulf of Saint-Tropez botanical garden

    ●     Saint-Tropez port

    ●     Place des Lices

    ●     The Annonciade Museum

    ●     The Gendarmerie and Cinema Museum

    And much more besides…