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7 things to see and do in Hyères

From Presqu’île de Giens to the famous Brégançon Fort, Hyères bay welcomes you with open arms! A city of art and history, discovering Hyères means falling under the spell of a unique area with more than 2,400 years of history and distinct identities that will reveal themselves to you as you walk through its districts. Medieval Hyères or aristocratic Hyères with its sublime Belle Epoque Villas. Hyères the seaside resort with its harbour and magnificent sandy beaches. Natural Hyères has infinite possibilities for strolling along the coast and visiting its islands. Sporting Hyères has kite-surfing spots in Almanarre and sea beds that attract diving enthusiasts. Here is our selection of the 7 things to see and do in Hyères.

1 – Relax on one of its exceptional beaches!

Large white sandy beaches or charming wild coves… it’s up to you!

The Mediterranean offers all the traditional pleasures of a summer holiday: swimming, picnics with family or friends, beach games and even snow sports. There is something for everyone in Hyères! For the most adventurous and deserving, the Giens peninsula has some great surprises in store: Darboussières beach, Four à Chaux cove and Hermitage beach. Download the « Hyères plages » application offered by the Tourist Office free of charge and find the beach of your dreams.

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2. Walk the Presqu’île de Giens coastal path!

Not to be missed when you stay in Hyères!

Take the time to walk the Giens peninsula with its 35 kilometres of coastline. You’ll see the different moods unfold before your very eyes: large beaches, wild coves, islets and small fishing ports. There are several marked routes. To the east, the one that connects Tour Fondue and La Badine is very easy and will gradually offer you a view of the entire bay of Hyères. To the west, the most challenging is the very spectacular route between La Madrague and the port of Le Niel. You’ll love the panoramas over Porquerolles: a breathtaking view, magnificent landscapes, the sound of waves and seagulls. It is quite challenging but really worth it!

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3. Visit the astonishing Villa Noailles

Dating back to 1923, this astonishing villa is Robert Mallet-Stevens’ first piece of architecture…

Here are two good reasons for visiting Villa Noailles. The first is that this Villa will not fail to surprise you. Cubism, its history, the personalities who stayed there, the magnificent view of Hyères and the islands, its exhibitions, cubist garden… Everything encourages a visit to Villa Noailles. The second reason is that this Villa has been a meeting point for everyone from the world of art, fashion, design and photography. Did you know? In the past, Villa Noailles welcomed artists such as Giacometti, Man Ray, Cocteau and Dali.

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4. Spend the day on Ile de Porquerolles

The largest of the Iles d’Or is a not-to-be-missed paradise!

You really must spend a day on this incredible island, a real jewel on the Côte d’Azur! Ile de Porquerolles is a pretty, lively and colourful village square; paradisiacal sandy beaches lapped by the turquoise water (Plage du Grand Langoustier, Plage de la Courtade, Plage Notre-Dame, etc.); a wild coastline dotted with coves and punctuated by forts; vineyards; walks and mountain bike rides along 54 kilometres of marked trails (the Midi, Levant, Couchant routes, etc.); some of the most beautiful diving spots in France… The list is a long one!

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5. Follow the Arts trail!

A discovery of the arts, crafts and emblematic monuments in Hyères…

Between the church of Saint-Louis, the Tour des Templiers and the Collégiale Saint-Paul, medieval Hyères will satisfy your curiosity. A signposted circuit takes you to all the emblematic monuments and sites. Throughout the tour, you’ll learn about the architectural, plant and urban heritage of the historic centre. It offers the opportunity to discover Hyères’ know-how and artistic talents. More than forty art galleries, artists’ and craftsmen’s studios dot the route!

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6. Stroll around Parc Olbius-Riquier

A green setting for a moment of relaxation in Hyères!

Covering 7 hectares, only a few minutes from Hyères town centre, Parc Olbius Riquier, listed as a « Remarkable Garden », is a place where you will delight in discovering the pond and waterfall, cross small bridges and enjoy its fragrant flower beds. In addition to the botanical garden and its alleyways, the exotic greenhouse is home to a large number of tropical species. It also has a small zoo, beautiful and curious birds in the aviary and even peacocks wandering free in the park – much to the delight of your children!

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7. Shopping in the market in Hyères!

It’s impossible not to fall for the charms of the markets on the Côte d’Azur!

Every Saturday morning, don’t miss the large Iles d’Or market, which is held in the centre of Hyères (pedestrian streets and Avenue Gambetta). Here, everything is an explosion of colour and fragrances. The opportunity to buy from local producers: flowers, seasonal vegetables, fruit, honey, and more. You won’t be able to resist! On every street corner, the influences of neighbouring regions can also be felt: Corsica and its sausages, Italy and its extra virgin oils, and fresh pasta from Calabria.

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